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Just FYI: Berachain faucet is shut down currently. Check back in a couple days or whatever


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Mantle referrals just require you to mint a soulbound token to qualify. So you can set up 10 wallets, drop .5 mantle in each, use your referral code, and max out your points for referrals. It seems best to put a little time in between each referral

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The mantle drop is based on activity, txs, amount bridged etc. points show up on your profile and alpha season ends today.

If you’re a real grinder (or have a bot) the cheapest way is to just wash trade nfts. The mantle cowboys are good as there is huge trading volume and they are cheap as chips.

Only issue with this is u can’t bulk buy or sell as that’s just a single tx. So u need to manually click buy, accept offer etc. each one of these gets you 10 points. Repeating it as many times as u can while maintaining sanity is the best way to max the airdrop out imo and well worth it if your net worth is still low enough where u don’t mind a bit of a grind for a solid reward.

If u buy and sell 1000 nfts, u might lose 2c per sale. Those 2000 txs would be worth 20000 points for the airdrop.

If u do all the other stuff and wanna spam microtranasctions on the bridge, Sybil the invite system, add social profiles etc u can probs get that number up to 30k handily enough. I suspect 90% of people will be well under that number, but I could be totally wrong there....

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Thanks for the feature! Definitely more alpha in some of the comments here and in the paid stack on things you can do for mantle.

If following all those directions is too much still recommend the easiest airdrop to quality for as Blast. Just sign up using an access code and bridge eth to spin and earn points before mainnet launches in February.

1 eth = 1 spin per week (likely minimum to be worth it)

5-10+ eth if you really want to move up the leaderboard to get a bigger drop (personally have 7 in)

Here is my access code:


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If you guys need a BLAST Invite, here you go:


1 ETH = 1 spin per week. If you can't put min 1 ETH, it's not worth it as you can't spin.

As BTB says, Blast is the easiest airdrop to be a part of, bc you just spin and your ETH automatically accumulates 4% yield. #wagmi

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Was reading the Mantle discord and those psychos are spamming swaps on Butter to game the journey txn points

--- https://butter.xyz/s/KP4D4M ---

They're all literally trading USDC-UDT over and over again. $100m in volume between that pair the last 3 days

Butter will has its own points leaderboard and will have an airdrop too, but their TVL is only $6m. However its pretty easy to climb the leaderboard to top 100. Those discord freaks don't have any size. I did some swaps for around 10min and shot up to top 500.

+ There are some floor differences between Mintle and Element nft markets. Check them both when gaming the Citizens of Mantle airdrop

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Another thing you can do on Bera is deploy a contract. For non-coders like me, thirdweb.com has a very simple "deploy now" button you can use. All you need is a little bera, and an email address.


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I recommend checking out Parcl/ Kamino/ MarginFi is anyone is trading on Solana network. An effective strat-

Stake $SOL on sol blaze (earn BLZE)

• Deposit bSol on @marginfi (earn points for $MRGN )

• Borrow the cheapest LST (mSOL) on MarginFi - maintain a healthy health factor (earn 4x points for $MRGN)

• Swap mSOL to JitoSol on @JupiterExchange (qualify for future $JUP)

• Store half of your JitoSol in a @kamino_finance vault (qualify for future $KAMINO)

• Deposit the other half on @DriftProtocol (earn more points for $JITO & possibly $DRIFT)

• Trade perps on Drift (qualify for future $DRIFT)

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Worth putting more than $1k in? Or not recommended bc of risk.

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As expected, manta rugged the NFT value. For everyone who sold the NFT, good job, you made a few bucks.

For those who held the NFT, know that the "rewards pool" was valued at 100% NFT redemptions. Since less than half were redeemed (though increasing), they are keeping the un-redeemed tokens. The token value you see is diluted to the 100% "theoretical" redemptions.

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The optimal strategy for Mantle Journey Miles is spamming transactions. 1 transaction = 10 miles. At the same time holding $500 is 1 point. So risking $500k is the same reward as an hour of spamming buttons (pay your 14yo cousin to do it) for pennies in transaction fees. Try all DEXes and also use cross-chain ones just to be active with all of them. Don't spam only Agni.

Also make sure to interact with the verified projects at the bottom of this page https://journey.mantle.xyz/en/quest

Many of them are running their own reward programs and also 10,000,000 MNT of the airdrop is reserved for the ecosystem.

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Other Mantle options:

HFHH already mentioned Butter. $6m TVL

Minterest APR has spiked back up to 74%. It dropped during the Mantle campaign as people flooded on. However, a large portion of those rewards are in Minty, their coin. $2.8m TVL

Staked Lendle has ~255% APR right now. Only catch is that there's a "3 month vest" on the rewards. 50% penalty for pulling out before vesting is complete. Which is still ~120% APR. $8.2m TVL

Merchant Moe is doing an airdrop for stakers. Head to their site, swap for some $MOE, and stake. Super easy. $17.6m TVL

Izumi.finance has some weird iPoints campaign where you swap and add liquidity in order to get points. The airdrop is unclear; they've promised to share any piece of their Mantle airdrop, and they may airdrop their own coin. $20m TVL - this is across chains.

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How long is suggested to leave our Eth on Minterest, do we need to keep for rewards/airdrops or is the activity sufficient.. I was going to withdraw and put all into Blast to get to 5ETH.

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Since Ordinals were such a hit narrative alone likely means this goes up for a bit.

Too small for us but for others maybe worth a look. High risk one


SatoshiVM is now live on Uniswap

$SAVM token contract address: 0x15e6E0D4ebeAC120F9a97e71FaA6a0235b85ED12

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Berachain is slow due to volume. Not sure if it's the "bear"hug from bull's traffic.

So be patient, and complete the tasks throughout the day, checking periodically.

Sitting on a lame conference call at your W-2? Complete a few tasks...

This the easiest airdrop in history. So please do it if you are total noob. It will be fun to do it.

Be patient.


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Seems like the https://galxe.com/berachain link is currently down

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