Streamlined the process and calculated the time required to reach max bonus for DOP protocol testnet (base reward + 2000% bonus), which would be 20 hours max.

Note: using just one browser (I use chrome) and create new profile for each DOP wallet. No VPN.

The process and required time:

1. Create new chrome profile, download metamask extension and create new metamask wallet: 56s

2. Create new DOP wallet through BTB's link, and link to metamask: 1m11s

3. Complete step 1 of the tasks by creating new X account and following DOP: 1m27s

4. Complete step 2 to step 7 (encrypt, decrypt assets, etc.): 3m2s

5. Complete step 8 by doing above no.1 and 2 times three, but using your own link instead of BTB's: (56s + 1m11s) x 3 = 3m59s

Total = 10m35s, but let's round it to 11m.

100 DOP wallets created through the generated link needs to complete all of the 8 steps to reach max bonus, so 11m x 100 = ~18.5 hours

Taking into account the time you might be spending to create your first DOP wallet, etc. max required time should be 20 hours.

Don't know till when it'll last, but you only need to do it for 3~4 hours/day for 5 days, so there's still time until Jan 1st.

Will it be worth it? No clue

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Easier said then done. Pitched crypto (specifically ETH) to a group of people at work the other day, they laughed in my face like I was deranged. Good reminder that we are still early. Ultimately I’ll have the last laugh

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Doing DOP rewards is going to be fun.

Deranged method below...WARNING:

Do the first go around (8 tasks) Using Chrome, Metamask, a VPN, your current X account.

Then CHANGE each of those variables on each go around. You can actually do this an nth number of turns.

So on 2nd go around: Brave, Metamask wallet 2, new VPN connection, new X account....you get the idea.

Cycle through Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and Edge + plus new VPN, new X. That's set "1".

Then create profiles in each of those browsers. Allowing you to cycle through the browsers with each new variable.

Then if you want, you can start using virtual machines, and cycle the above in each machine.

It's deranged, but that's what I intend to do while my family sleeps during Christmas eve and Christmas.


Pro tip: if you really wanna you can run ads on a guide and then have randos do it, it avoid the manual work but not sure if it can be done profitably given the unknow reward value. But just an idea if you're an affiliate by trade.

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Thanks BTB. Just completed! Off to tell the family and friends about the magic of computer coins!

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Doing this today, thank you!

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Okay I'm going to ask the dumb question, please bear with me - why use a VPN in this case? Two reasons that come to mind are 1) DOP might look at IPs to verify that your 'friends' don't have the same IP as you do, and 2) only certain countries might qualify for the airdrop (in the case of an airdrop being blocked from a country/region as we've seen in the past). I appreciate any insight about this, thank you!

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Update after creating a least a couple dozen accounts: the testnet is super buggy. I've been unable to push 6-8 accounts through to Step 8 for a variety of reasons: testnet is busy, not enough SepoliaEth, random other errors. It could be that they're catching on to me and/or farmers, or it could be it's just buggy. Either way, lots of time wasted doing nothing.

Bare minimum to qualify: push 1 account through Steps 1-8, with Step 8 being "get the rewards link". Then create 3 profiles on Chrome, each with it's own Metamask wallet. Using your main account's rewards link, connect each sub-account's Metamask to the testnet and don't bother with any other step.

If you don't get an email stating you qualified for rewards, you didn't qualify.

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I’m Assuming we shouldn’t have anything valuable in the FRAME wallets

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Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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Completed but I don’t have 3 friends who are going to do this haha. Maybe someone could help me out and use my link below. Otherwise I’ll just start creating different accounts like the article says. Thanks Bull


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Finished the DOP process. Ran into a few wrinkles but managed to figure it out. Thanks for the potentially profitable tip. Also good exercise in going through the steps.

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Is an ENS considered an NFT for the sake of the airdrop?

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Anyone needs a DOP invite, here you go:


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Is artemis the best place to view this? Thanks for the response.

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signing in metamask does not work,anybody else had this issue?

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