”BowTied” is like the blue checkmark for Degens

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You've addressed this in past posts, but one corollary I'd add is that in business reputation is everything (even over pricing if you can deliver what you promise and the cheap guys can't). That's why it's imperative not to rely on your name but actually learn the transferrable skills you need to thrive in any pursuit.

So as we go more Anon, it's important for an avatar not only to build a loyal following, but also deliver quality content that yields results.

Your rebranding and switch to paid content is a great example of how to execute it (after only 3 months!), as that also concentrated your audience. You live or die by your reputation, so better help people achieve positive results.

P.S. How many posts have you written on your phone from the beach?

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I know this should be commented on Q&A, but hopefully you answer,

1) I am a student, 18. Still in high school due to getting left back, However I do online with no students or teachers so I have access to a lot of time on my hands.

2) I want to get the books you guys have made.

3) I cannot because I don't have a school email due to being online

4) How can I get these books without a school email or ID>?

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I'm curious why you consider video editing an "Infinite Scale Skills". Isn't it dependent on technology (introduction of virtual reality will completely change video ads and make you redondant) and immensely time consuming (meaning hard to scale)? Maybe I'm not seeing the full picture.

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Old guy here. Lots of truth on this substack. Urgently enrolling my own youngsters in jungle education to complement the overpriced standard method. Keep it rolling. Love seeing young men searching and finding their way.

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Sh*t, I have a good enough level of all those "infinite scalable" skills (and some others), but still struggling to focus on ONE thing.

So many opportunities out there. Hard to decide for one (or discard the rest).

I know, I know, it's an excuse.

I've got moderate success very quickly with absolutely every enterprise I've pursue. But never pushed the gas to the floor. The only limit has been myself.

Idk when or how, but I'll figure it out.

Sorry for the dissertation, but maybe can help to someone in a similar position.

Thanks for this post.

I'll prepare a proper Q for the next Q&A.

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Rumor has it BowTiedQuoll is going to teach degenerates how to charge waves on degen island.

Maybe he already announced he’s the unofficial surf instructor is degen island.

Keep an eye out he’s probably getting tubed right now!

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I have a kinda crazy business idea that I want to bounce off someone…. But it needs to be anon… Anyone? Anyone?

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I’m new to your substack & substack in general. Are there more details on the Q&A for helping us finding a direction to go for creating online business?

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