For those with additional interest in this topic we have put together a collection of links to written material, podcasts, youtube, etc.


Thank you team BTB for helping us spread the word about this exciting area. Happy to come give an update in 6-12mon - in the meantime pls hit us or Shrike on twitter with questions.

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Excellent part 2 article and even more exciting than the first. I’m highly interested in this IP-NFT concept. Admittedly, any degen bet I had set aside for Vegas may very well go into here in coming weeks. Biotech is certainly playing the long game, but what if they’ve figured this out? How many science autists in remote areas of the world might actually find a vehicle for their IP and discoveries? Lots of upside potential here wrapped in the flag of ‘common good’

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Yes extremely interesting & an exciting place to be as new frontiers are being defined across multiple disciplines.

Science - scaled democratic decision making

Finance - using crypto vs trad debt/equity

Legal - DAO law

Tech - web3 for governance & liquidity mgmt

There is no text book for all of this. Those involved are literally writing it as we go and VitaDAO is an excellent case study.

Visionaries should read this and not hesitate to think how to apply to other industries....

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That’s is very true. ‘Other industries’. We really are just scratching the surface in this brave new world of crypto/web3/DAO etc. Endless future opportunities for both creators and lower/middle class investors to generate generational wealth. Just have to put the work in to understand it well ahead of not just the normies but even crypto enthusiasts. The information you’ve provided so far is echelons above anything I could have run across Twitter for months on end. Hats off to you because this is exceptionally informative and compelling stuff.

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Equal Opportunity....Unequal Results!

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