Sitemap - 2021 - BowTied Bull

Holidays 2021 eCommerce Recap – No Sophomore Slump Here

DeGen Island USA and Ox Breaks the Handcuffs

Free Coins, Betting on Anons and Calm Before the Storm

L1 Leads DeGens... Which Leads to Risk

Winning Mentality and What You Actually Want

Getting Rich in the 2020s (a Warning) and NFTs Getting Ugly Press

BFF Powell, EmptySea and Portfolio Rebalance for *You* (Q&A for Rebalance - 50 max cases)

Improving the Free Value and Some Personal/Financial Themes

Inflation, Robotics, NFTs, Computer Coin Volatility and More!

PART 2/2 Short Series - Security Needed to Protect Your Computer Coins

PART 1 Short Series - Security Needed to Protect Your Computer Coins

Change Your Psychology and the Cartoon 10 Commandments

December 2021 Portfolio Update. Chill Bruh Summer Was Much Worse.

A Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021 eCommerce Recap and Computer Coins

10-Step Guide for Literally ANYONE to Land a 6-Figure FAANG Job (Part 4 - Final)

10-Step Guide for Literally ANYONE to Land a 6-Figure FAANG Job (Part 3)

10-Step Guide for Literally ANYONE to Land a 6-Figure FAANG Job (Part 2)

10-Step Guide for Literally ANYONE to Land a 6-Figure FAANG Job (Part 1)

Child Labor Investments Example and Macro Update

Happy Thanksgiving!

2022 Infrastructure Investments, Dolphin Scale Alfa and a Short Preview

Troll Tuesday *Theme Song* Finalists and more $$$

Some Politics and General Life Rules

Web 3.0, The Future of Work and Decentralized Hiring

Think Like an Institutional Investor

Mainstream Culture is Designed to Encourage Weakness

Computer Coin Allocation and Q4 Confidence

Updates and The Set Up for 2022

How Early Are We? We is Real Early, Anon.

Big Boy Macro Update. And. DeGen Island 2035

E-comm Part (2/2) and Stable Coin Review!

Some General Cartoon Life Advice and Fun Announcements $$$!

Monthly Portfolio Update and Q&A (first 50)

E-comm Update (Part 1 of 2) and Crypto News

Unrealized Gain Taxes, Inflation and Betting on Yourself

Emotional Stability/Regret in a Bull Market and Q4 Sales Scams

Successful NFT Project Creation and Run it Up Aggressively in Crypto Cycles

A Quick Look Into More Deficits and Inequality

Bitcoin Futures ETF, Fake Bids on NFTs and More

Institutional Investor Vetting Process, Yield Farming/Arbs and More

Inflation, JP Morgan/BofA, a $10,000 Investment and NFT scams

Big Crypto and Macro Update

VPN Usage Learn Now or Pay the Price Later

Emergency Troll Tuesday Poast - Clown Owners

NFTs for Beginners - Overview and Glossary of Terms to Ramp Up

Remember, Remember the First of October - Portfolio Update & Q&A

Risk Management: What Would You Do In My Situation?

For Dummies: Wealth Inequality is *Not* the Same as Income Inequality and Inflation Theft

Retail Pools/Bridges and More

Quick ETH Emergency Post

Welcome to the Big Leagues - Gensler and DAO/NFT Explanation

The Evergrande Fisaco, Avoiding Irrational Decisions and Africa!

E-commerce Part 2, NFT/Crypto Update and More

E-commerce, Crypto and more!

Getting Ahead by Using Time Calculations

Expectations into Year-End and Projects to Follow (Even Jump Into!)

The Bullish Case for Tezos Written by BowTiedTruther.xtz

Market Correction, Some Suicide Stacks and More

Patrick Stanley (ex-Head of Growth STX) and Wealth Calculations

Loot Project, Small Caps and More

Market Update, NFTs, Mega Tech Trend and an Easy Business Idea

Afghanistan, Shrink-flation and a Good Reminder of Maximum Regret

Monthly Q&A and August Update - Big Move

NFT Market Here to Stay? Tech Investing and More!

Crypto vs. Global Money Supply and The 2001 Tech Bubble

Macro/Crypto Update and Announcement to Fund You

Cyber Security Hub - Best Practices

One in 1,000 Year Opportunity and the Quick Math to Riches

LINK, STX, Crypto Move and More

The Fundamentals and Current Outlook of eCommerce

The Simulation of Life Explained

Reassessing Risk for the 2020s, NFT/Crypto Update and Infrastructure Bill

LINK Overview Part 2, NFTs and Some Fun

Breaking into Sales and Clearing $100,000 US Token

LINK Part 1, Arbs/DeFi and Crypto Market

Monthly Portfolio Update - Inflation Realities Setting In

Big Picture on UBL, Taxes and Spotting Truths

How To Invest in Technology

Long-View of Technology and Updates

Probability Based Decisions - Make A Choice

The Graph Part 2, E-Commerce Supply Chain and Updates

The Graph (Part 1 of 2), Updates and Making a Millionaire (Trash Token)

The Banking Model and Wall Street is Broken.

Traditional Investing Changes, NFT Market and Updates

GBTC/ETF, DeFi Big Picture Comps and Updates

Going From Not Gonna Make It (NGMI) to Turbo Autist

Large Market E-commerce Opportunity and Wide Range of Updates

June Portfolio Update (The Boomers Win for a Month) and Q&A

The Jungle and Creating Your Own Future

Efferium Big Picture Catch Up, Titan Rug Explained and More

Low Cost Business Idea, Bitcoin China Answered and Updates

Getting Your First Career: We All Start Somewhere

Matic and Stable Coin Connection

How to Battle BlackRock Real Estate. Explaining How to Move to Puerto Rico and Some Updates

Five Lies That Can Ruin Your Life

MicroStrategy, El Salvador and Other Updates

Statistics on BTC/ETH, Short-Term Catalyst Thinking and Some FUD

Personal Finance and College/Education for the 2020s

Net Worth, BTC/ETH Price Insights and Trading Blow Ups!

DeGenerate Yield Farming and Basic Risk Framework (Best Viewed Online vs. Email)

General Life Framework and DeFi Sr. Analyst Slides

Portfolio Update (Ugly!) and Q&A First 100 Questions

DeFi and How to Benefit from the Sovereign Individual

$1M US Token, 10 Years or 10 BTC (No Typo)

Market Inefficiency, Institutional Strategies and How to Intelligently be a DeGen

Bitcoin, Scams and Institutions

Beginners Guide to the Future - Decentralization Power to Collective Individuals

Institutional Money, Risk Management and Learning How to Spot Scams

DeFi Analyst Final Round Explained!

The Decade Long Escape Revealed.

Announcements, Bet on Winners, Flex Later and Risk Tolerance.

Hints for the Future a Simple Pair and The Jungle

Selling E-Commerce Business, DeGen Island Update and $100

BowTiedBull FAQ - Will Be Updated Over Time

Citadel Meeting #2: Quick Vote Needed

Portfolio Update and Q&A

The Clownhattan Recap - The Table is Set

Latest Degen Investment - It is Wednesday in Singapore

Clownhattan Project, Not Gonna Make It (NGMI) Questions Answered As Well

Large Cap Overview, E-commerce, Macro and Life.

Senior DeFi Role - Application Due May 10

Traditional Finance Portfolio Overview – Get This One Over With

Citadel Meeting Notes and Coinbase

BANKS ARE ZEROS - The Clownhattan Project - April 27

Citadel Meeting One - Organization Questions

“Free” Subscription, Giveaway and Some Trolling

First Issue Ever: Straight From Degen Island.

Life and Investing.