Sitemap - 2024 - BowTied Bull

Relationships/Kids in America - the Future

Have a Plan to Sell and Some Quick News Updates

City Guide: Philadelphia

How Long is The Cycle Going to Last and ETH ETF Expectations (& ETHFi Claim)

The Most Left Curve Pre-Sale In Jungle History

Crypto Cycles & Inflation, Trump Assassination Attempt and USA Commentary

Stocks and Crypto, Powell - Real Estate, Various Crypto Updates

Maximizing Blast With Limited Capital

Big Picture Portfolio Allocation in 2024

ETH Update with Blast, Small GME Update and News

Buy, Borrow, Die the Basics

June Portfolio Update and Q&A

President is a Fake Job, Just a Talking Head

Continuing to Make More Gwei With Little Effort

Understanding the Future of the Consumer and Basic Spending Patterns

The Wait is Over TGE June 26. Be Grateful or Quiet!

Cycle Update, ETH and Likely End to High Payout Airdrops

Attempting to Make Sense of Immigration in the USA

Quick Zk and Juice Notes

Celeb Coins Net Negative for Crypto - Push Narrative to 24/7 Instant Settlement

FOMC, GameStop Plan and Various Farm Updates

Inflation: Steal from You, Give to Rich. Long-term Ramifications.

GameStop Thesis What We Think Is Happening - Not Financial Advice

Nothing is Priced In: Everything Mid-Curved and Calculating ETH ETF Price Move

Basic Asset Protection - Low Seven Figures. Short GME Note as Well.

May Portfolio Update and Q&A

Small but *Free* Blast Farm with BowTiedBrogrammer

Instant Settlement for RWA Narrative, Wolf Game and Some Market Moving Items

Countries Competing for Crypto and New Incentives

E-Com Update and Learning AI with No Experience

ETH ETF Approved: What it All Means

Meme Dot Fun on Blast Explained

Short Post on Winning the 2024 Election and Solving Cost of Living Crisis

Farm Update and Next Narrative After AirDrop Szn

Inflation, Hedge Funds - BTC, Blast and More

Ultimate Tech Update - Acquiring $200K+ Out of School and Surviving AI

Making Inflation a Non-Event for You and Cryptographically Secure Coins Update

RE Update, Blast Gold Math (Q&A as well) and Waiting for 2H as Crypto Gets Political

Smile, Nod and Agree - Career Version Don't Work to Death

April Portfolio Update and Q&A

Only For People on Blast - Quick Notes

Powell Speaks, Airdrop Claim/Market Update and Some Reminders

Jungle Success Story Pre-Sleep: How I Started My Business in College

Getting Ahead of the B-Square Farm, ETH Update and AVOID BURN OUT

B-Squared, Taxes, Memes, BTC Countries and More

Jungle D1 Space Launch on Blast. Also Quick Free Note on B-squared

Blast Incentives, a 401K Play (Gross) and More

Current and Future Narratives. Short Stock/Rates Notes as Well

Rapid Fire Products for 80/20 Quality of Life Improvement

War Noise and L2s Revealing the Truth

Inflation Data and a Bunch of Opportunities with Low Crypto Balance and Uniswap

Jungle Year 3 Review and Annual Promo

Great Week! More Blast to Farm, Meme Markets and New BTC Narratives

Tax Day is Coming - Crypto Tax Organization

Blast Gaming, Crypto Timeline and Two Pre-Tokens To Watch

Blast Points, Gold and Multipliers - Hint Stop Doing Calculations

March Portfolio Update, Blast Farm Alpha and Q&A

Quick Airdrop Update

Cryptographically Secured Strategy Update and Quick Macro/RE Items

Claim Your Free Money and BTC Update (Boomer Coin)

Farming Update: Close Gap on Whales L2s/Pools and Blast Points = LOL

Fink Ahead and Profit - Farms/Estates and More

Viewer Discretion Advised: Chad vs. Steve 2024

Pushing Volume for Potential 3:1 Payout on 2-3 ETH

Mass Adoption Cycle, L2s, Dencun and More

Ayahuasca/Yage - 100 Hours in One Night

The Art of Keeping Your Crypto and Eating It Too

AI to Improve Your eCom Life

ETH Major Update, Solana Deal and More!

A Simple Guide to Peptides - AJAC

Blast L2 Drop Maximization - Next Steps and BTC/ETH Update

February Monthly Update and Q&A

DePIN with Connor Lovely

Move Fast or Get Crushed - Airdrops, Hype from Uni and RE Update

Argentina Economic Experiment Update: Milei’s First 2 Months with BowTiedMara

Click Buttons, Wait, Click More Buttons. More Tokens Less Problems - For Now

The Rapid Fire Bitcoin Cycle Update

Attempting to Profit on the Narratives and Rehypothecation

Making the Most Out of This Cycle

The Year is 2024

Airdrop Farming Returns (100%+ Annualized), Blast Airdrop Estimate and Relative Scale for 2024/2025

Cashing in Your Points if Overvalued, Farm Updates and More Crypto WM Products

Want to be the 1%? Get Used to Building Assets

President Powell, Nightmare on Wall Street, Tech and Coins Update/BTC Halving

January Monthly Update - Bitcoin Overhang and Q&A

Caffeine as a Drug/Performance Enhancer and Performance Detriment

Blockchain Trilemma, Bringing New Users to ETH and Estimating the Upcoming Airdrops

Proposer-Builder Separation - Future of ETH

Scaling Bitcoin: The Opportunity for Stacks

Real Estate Update and Future of Airdrops

TradFi Update and Some Quick Predictions

March of the Beras, Mantle (not Manta) and Gameified Future

E-com: Hot Trends and Short Airdrop Update

Making Cryptographically Secured Internet Monies Going Forward

What is a Bitcoin ETF Anyway?

Incentives, Avoiding Rugs, EigenLayer and More

Limited Seat Sponsorship Opportunity

The Next 90 Days and Beyond

Digital Economic Warfare 2024 and Beyond

Year in Review and Short Q&A