Sitemap - 2022 - BowTied Bull

Happy New Year and Some Quick Notes

Real Estate (Part 2 of 3) and The Separation of Winners.

How a Cartoon Gator & Deer created a $5-10K Monthly Profit Toothpaste Company... In Six Months!

Why You Won't Get "Rich" Making Top 1% Income. Wealth Matters. No Magic Spells.

Real Estate (Part 1 of 3): What You Need and Intro to BowTiedBroke

Happy Holidays: Project Homeless vF

Another $1.7T Wasted and Beginning of Defaults

Happy Holidays - Guest Food Post

Real Estate, Trump NFTs and Some Creativity

President Powell, Inflation and Affiliate is Back!

What is the BowTied Jungle?

Rapid Fire Big Picture Update - Macro, Stocks, Coins, Real Estate etc.

Bitcoin Lightning Network and the BTC Long-term Bull Case

Career Advice and Some Small Announcements

BFCM Recap and Interest Rate Pivots/RE Items

Sam Bankman-Fried Fraud for Newbies

Monthly Update, Q&A and Read Part 6

Unnecessary Risk, Broken Business Models, Troll Tuesday Update and Short Jungle Update

Disaster Avoidance in Crypto and General Macro (for now)

Layer 2 Chains (Ironically not Project 2Chainz)

Coinbase Basics for the Newbies - How Long Until Disaster Strikes & Genesis

All the Bankruptcies and Conspiracies Here.

E-com, More Bankruptcies and Announcements

The Real Basic Economics Class and Paper Gold/Bitcoin

What a Week! META, Exchange Scams and More

Basic BowTied Fundamentals: BlockFi, Exchanges, Risk Management and More

Where to Learn Crypto if Starting Today

Lots of Big News! Rapid Fire Updates and Meta and Banks

Quick Update FTX

Some Fast Career Advice and Museums

FTX & CZ, Marry the Home Guarantee a Divorce, Portfolio Positioning and Major News

The Future of Sales and What It Means for Your Business

Various Big Updates: Powell, Meta, RE and More

Patrick the Tax Advisor - Preparing for 2022 Returns and Updated Jungle Accounts

Monthly Update, Q&A and an Important Twitter Note

META a Long History & Future

Vitamins and a Surgeon Enter the Chat - Choose the Winner

Cracks in Markets, Hopium, Crypto Scams and More

eCommerce in a Downturn

Mainstream Advice Guarantees a Life Not Worth Living

Zero Knowledge - Future Value of Innovation

GBTC and ETHE - Terrible Financial Products

More Rate Hikes and Cash Balance Value (Finally). Focus on Incentives

Starting from Zero - Be Adaptable and Some Tax Basics

We're at the Finger Pointing Stage!

Big Changes to Ads and More Regulations Soon

Understanding Corporate Jargon

September Update and Q&A - Also Some Bank News

Things Are Progressing According to Plan?

Set Reasonable Expectations During the Downturn

FX Causes High Costs and EPS Adjustments Coming

Regulators Licking Their Lips, President Powell and Cuts

Basic Office Politics Moves and How Companies Work

eCommerce Look Back – What I Wish I Knew When Getting Started in eCom & Quick RE Note

The Quickest And Cheapest Way To Boost Security

Post Merge - Smooth

Importance of a Second Income and Finding Talent

All Our Old Books

Bargain Finding Q4/Q1, Crypto and a General Warning

Various Updates All In One Spot: Mining, 2008, META, SYN and more

How to Write an Article That Ranks in Google

Do S&P 500 Estimates Make Sense? And. Real Estate "Crash"

August Portfolio Update and Q&A

Lowering Your Standards - a History

eCommerce Traffic Avenue Summary and Bad News From the President

Where to Buy Post RE Correction and NVDA True or False Guidance

CBDC Update with BowTiedScholar

NFT Valuation Update and BendDAO (Getting Ugly)

Skincare and Working Out While Grinding 80+ Hours a Week

ETH Merge - Technology Innovation & Conviction Overview

Spying on Competitors - Ecom

Standard Deviation of Returns and Centralized Crypto Project Risk/Your Wallets

ETH Update, CPI/Unemployment Read, Housing and More

87,000 IRS Agents "Inflation Reduction Act" and Stable Freeze

Downstream Effects of Rising Food Prices

Synapse Update - Short Post

The Merge, Solana Mess and PIPs

Watching the News - What Mid-Curve Believes

July Portfolio Update - Risk On Month

Short Post on GDP/Earnings

The Weimargentina rollercoaster: At least it’s not boring

2022 Deleveraging, FOMC and META

Creating a 21st Century Feudal System and Finding New Information for Free BTC

eCommerce Ad Breakdown and Impact of Meta (FB) Struggling

3AC Bankruptcy Document: Great and Terrible News!

Slippery Slope: Govt Lowering Standards & A Giveaway!

Quick Market Changes - It's not the 1970s and CEL Ugly Balance Sheet

Get Ready for Some RE-Statements

How to Start a Remote Services Business, Efficiently

Network State Creating a Country, the Jungle and Twitter Musk Fiasco!

Surviving a Downturn, Ugly Voyager News and More Inventory Pain

BlockFi Rescue What is a Bailout? Normie Friendly!

GameFi Today and Merge or Profits?

Inflation and CPI will Be Adjusted - Play FETCH

Q&A - Portfolio Update, GBTC and Commiefornia

Media Manipulating Your Focus: "Current Thing"

WiFi Money Niche Selection & Assets Sale, GBTC and Shortages (Again!)

AVAX & SOL - Chain by Chain Security (Part 3 of 3)

Ethereum - Chain by Chain Security (Part 2 of 3)

Bitcoin Chain by Chain Security (1 of 3)

Chain Security, Voyager Leverage and More

How to Survive in a World of Hyperinflation

Total Incompetence or Extreme Evil 2020-2022

CBDC the End Game, BlockFi and More

Leverage Downside Mechanics, Foreign Exchange and News/Arbs

MSTR, Celsius and Fake GDP Numbers

Link, ETH 2.0 and Celsius DeFi Debacle

Decentralized Science (Part 2 of 2) - VitaDAO

Reading All The Regulatory Stuff

An Overview of Decentralized Science (Part 1 of 2)

Asset Class Overview, Internet Headwind Coming and Crypto Gaming

Monthly Update - Praying for Accumulation

Basic Finance 101 - Value of the Company

E-com (Part 2 of 2); After Pay Pain and More DeFi Lock Ups

Basic Finance 101 - Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Operations

E-Com Update and Tying to Stocks and Some NFT Updates

Basic Finance 101 - Income Statement

StableCoins - Safety, Risks, Use Case and More

Avalanche (Part 2 of 2) and Consumer Demand Destruction

Good and Bad Risk Understand the Difference

New Information Lags Price, When You Should Worry and a Ton of Other Topics!

Crypto Basics On the Last 5 Days and Inflation

AVAX (Part 1 of 2) and Of Course the Fun Stuff After

Sharpe Ratio and a Massive Stable Coin Collapse Also Small NFT Note

Types of MEV (Part 2 of 2) and Macro Ugliness Continues

MEV Basics (Part 1 of 2), MSTR and Internet Tin Foil Hats

Running Out of Time?

Monthly Update - The Rich Get Richer?

JPEG Update, Airdrop Chasing and Macro Valuation

Twitter Goes to Musk, General Success/Getting Wealth Patterns

NFTs, Math on Profitable HODL Waves, Rates/Twitter Bid and More

Ecom Update - Short Macro Update as Well

Synapse Bridged & Some Token Winners

Twitter Musk "Proposal" Explained

Cosmos (Part 2 of 2), Importance of Large Cap Holding and NFT Celebrity Death Spiral

In Case You Were Wondering... It's All a Scam

Cosmos Part 1 of 2, JPEG Card Explained and Large Cap Quick Update

Understanding Tokens and Contract Interaction Risk + Update

Lifestyle Inflation and Retirement Calculation Scams

Crypto Maths on Crash Potential, DeGen Pools and More

Another Day Another Arb

The Year is 2036 - One Year Anniversary & Promo

The Chronicles of a Chad Salesman - Six Common Sales Mistakes In Real Life Format!

Monthly Update & Q&A - Closing in on Tax Day

Understanding Relative Wealth and Incentives!

High-end of Zee Risk Curve Stuff!

Importance of Being Liquid and Anon

Staying Rich - White, Gray and Black Area Tactics and Crypto Update

Prenup Basics if You Get Married - Guest Post

Mapping Out the Future

NFT/Airdrops, ETH Merge (Finally) and Macro

First arb of 2022 clicking some buttons

How CPI/Inflation Can Be Understated and Financial Literacy/Human Nature

NFT Insider Trading, Regulation, SAFT Scams and 21st Century Wealth Portfolio

Ecom (SKUs & Ukraine), Executive Order and Inflation Priming

Update on the Stacks ($STX) Network

NFT Sales, Rugs, Potential Recession, Metamask and more

Evaluating New Crypto "Projects" and ECM Becoming a Zero as Well

Doomsday Crypto (Computer Coins) Planning - Russia/Ukraine

Monthly Update & Q&A - Grinding It Out

NFT Analysis, JPEG Success Launch and Any Questions You Want on Ukraine

Canada, Russia and Quarter Squat Trolling

JPEG'd, Russia and NFT "Hacks"

Crypto Mining and Airdrops/New Coin Management

How Your Future is Being Stolen From You: Inflation, Rates and Fiat

ETH Scaling, ZK Projects and More

Zero Knowledge Proofs and Seeing Though the Noise

Synapse and BTB Advisory Announcement

E-Com: Supply Chain Update & CNY

MSFT/ATVI Simple Explanation, Regulation Expectation and 2/2/22

Are You On Track to Be Elite? Find Out...

Monthly Update and Q&A: DeFi Down Bad and JPEGs Up Big

Macro Update, NFTs, Game Theory and More

Everything You Need to Know About Puerto Rico!

Another Exciting Week! Ponzis, Broken Chains, Large/Small caps, Arbs and more

ATVI Acquired, Small to Mid-Caps and Some Small Updates

Understanding the Dangers of Centralization and Inflation Maths

Funding Ponzi Connection, Stables and Small-Mid Caps

Zero to Hero E-com Newbies and Interest Rate Issue on Global Debt

Free LOOKS Token and The Greatest Rug Pull - Trad Fi.

Lets Play a Game - In the End All Roads Collide

Narrative/Onboard Chasing, Fading Twitter and the Fed

When Individuals Eat Companies

Part 2 - 2022 Initial Allocation

Part 1 of 2 - Year-End Review and Portfolio Update

It Begins: "Affiliate" January and Cartoon Awards