Sitemap - 2023 - BowTied Bull

Blast & New Paradigm Update - Valuing the NFTs and Gaming the System

Quick Update on Manta - Only Read if Involved

Higher Risk Airdrops (Window Ends in 5 days) and Coins that Die

MedSpa Angle - Long Loneliness Thesis with BowTiedTiger

Merry Cryptmas and Airdrop Time

Bitcoin Update and Forecast

2023 Wealth Facts - Most Will Ignore

RE Market Update, Lump Sum Investing and Asset Accumulation

The Fed Flinches and the Yield Game is Over For Now

Populist Movement 2024 and Beyond

2024/2025 Themes and Expectations

Scattered Update - BFCM, Oil/Rates, Coins, Selling an E-Com Biz

Lifestyle Q&A Summary From 2023

Everything Efferium - New Cycle Mechanics

Monthly Q&A and Portfolio Update - Nov 30

The Art of Divorce – Rules of Engagement

On the State of Digital Marketing

Probability Based Investing and CZ Paving the Way for an ETF

The Point of Each Investment Class and When the Scales Tip

ChainLink Update and an AirDrop to Grab

Inflation/Fed Fund Update, Real Estate and Setting Up for the Next Gambling Run

Future of Social Life in the 2020s and Beyond

Value Investing Doesn't Work and Investing Muscle Memory

Yield Curve Control, Money Supply, SLOOS Report and Computer Coin ETFs

Biohacker Guest Post on Neuroplasticity/Brain Hacking with Peptides **Warning Grey Market Not for Newbies**

ETFs and a Potential Hard Cap on the Purpose of Crypto

Rates Down, Computer Tokens Up, Roller Coaster Begins!

How To Improve Faster - Skill Spotting

Monthly Q&A and Portfolio Update - Oct 30

History of Crypto Cycles, ETFs and More

Tax Strategies and Asset Protection for Beginners

End of the Long-Cycle: Print or Don't Print That's the Question

Rewriting Triangle Investing in 2023 and a Grey Market Biz

Talking About True Wealth and Entrenchment

Real Estate City Update - Surprisingly Exciting

Inflation Info is Out, 20-Year Bond Usage and GBTC

Decentralized Science - BowTiedBioTech & BowTiedShrike

War Stocks, High Rates Three Scenarios and Fed/Crypto ETFs

Online Arbitrage: BowTiedMahi Escapes the W-2

City Guide: Toronto and Another Take on Canada RE

Bond Volatility, Banks, Yields and More

Million Dollar Toothpaste Brand in Under 2 Years

Monthly Q&A (Longer!) and Quick Portfolio Update

City Guide: Frankfurt and City Guide: Charlotte

Making Sense of the Markets and Preparing for the Future

Watching a Country Fail in Real Time Due to Inflation - BowTiedMara

Uncommon Marketing Strategies, California and Crypto

Contribution Margins with BowTiedOpossum

President Powell, Oil Impact to CPI, Sim-Swaps/RE Inflation and UAW Strike

Canada RE - Warning Extremely Detailed (Darren Cabral and Daniel Foch)

Bond Market, Crypto Alts in Tax Havens and More

US Culture is Now Transactional With Rich and Poor Divide

Declining Real Wages, Evaluation of Corp. Management and Crypto/Markets

Corporations are Designed to Bleed You Out

What US Citizens *Should* Want and the Coming Crypto Dead Zone (Good for You... Soon)

How to Capitalize on Investor Psychology

On Ad Targeting

City Guide: Mexico City

August Update, Q&A and ETF Items

Moving from Max Gains to Max Life Span with AJAC

Fed Policy, RE City Update, META Ads - Run Them!

Using an AI Sidekick to Get More Done - Mark Kern

Starting a Biz in 2023 and Crypto Update (Mini Q&A)

Guest Post: How to Persuade the Anon Way

SLOOS Report (Credit), NFT Desperation and Monetizing Degeneracy

Starting a Supplement Brand From Zero - BowTiedBroseidon

RE Update, Coins, Burry and More

Good Employees, Employees Who Leave and Predicting Performance Improvement

Inflation Update, Estimating Brands/Status Value and Short Crypto Update

City Guide: Rio de Janeiro - BowTiedGlobe

More Spy Coins/Chains, ETF/SPY Update and Apparel for Millennials

Evaluating Your Own Genetics and Family History

How to Create/Release an NFT with BowTiedPickle

City Guide: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Demographics = Markets to Target and One Biz That Anyone Can Do. (Crypto Update as Well)

Why FIRE Doesn't Work and Who This Side is For

July Portfolio Update Some Changes!

City Guide: Dallas, Texas

E-com High Net-Worth Motivation and President Powell

Why Rates Trend to Zero, Short E-com Note and Lifetime Subscriber Option Explained

Business Cycle Overview = Tide Going Out

City Guide: Buenos Aires - BowTiedMara

Business Cycle Overview and Staying Ahead

America's Future - Degeneracy and Milking Corporate America

How to Stake ETH (or Not to - *You* Decide!)

City Guide: Seoul, Korea

E-com Retail and Unsurprising Lower Regular CPI

The Coming Decades and the Solo PE Agent

President Powell is Officially Trapped and the Bond Market

City Guide: San Diego

Jungle Update and US Culture Predictions (Not Pretty but Profitable!)

How Much is Your Time Worth?

June Monthly Update and Q&A

City Guide: Manila, Philippines

CRE (Tick Tock), MSTR Dilution and more

When $5,000 isn't the same as $5,000 and Income Alpha

It's E-Com Update Time!

City Guide: Reykjavík Iceland

Europe Real Estate & Private Equity

401K Calculation Going *Backward* to See The Truth and Rent vs. Own Maths

Bridges Tech Overview and BlackRock/Grayscale

City Guide: Baltimore

Inflation & Interest Rate Messaging, Easy Online Money and Some Narrative Hunting

High Stakes Finance: Sovereign Distress

Real Estate - Foreclosure Timeline, Market Update and More

City Guide: Tokyo, Japan

Coinbase, Interest Income Taxes, E-com Trends to Adapt to and Some Good News!

Binance Gets Into Battle with SEC

Debt Ceiling, Jobs Reports and the Treasury Yield vs. P/E Ratios "Whose Earnings"

May Update & Monthly Q&A

Vote on Helping Two Kids With Adoption

Guest Post On Credit Card Churning

PE Update Part 2 and Initial Opinion on the "Debt Deal"

Private Equity & Direct Lending Market; Debt Ceiling and Multichain Headlines

City Guide: New York City

Ledger, Credit Crunch and Some Ugly Ads Reality

City Guide: Bogota

A Brief History of Scaling

International Travel and Culture Post

Meta Ads: The White, the Grey & the Ugly

City Guide: Miami

CPI, Acceleration Phase, Cycles and Positive Real Rates - Credit Crunch

City Guide Preview and Structure

BTC Congestion, Meme Coins, ETH Foundation, Unemployment and Real Estate Update

President Powell, Bank Failures and Consensus Summary

Trouble at FRC: What Happened? All the Details

April Update - Getting Tough to Find Good Themes

ATVI/FRC, Real Estate Mortgage Set Up and More Crypto Guard Rails

Tucker/Lemon and Get Ready MainStreet Layoffs

Account Abstraction and RE

AI Comes for the Overpaid Human Processors

How to Get Ahead in Life

Scaling Your Biz and Stable Coin Bill

Inflation Update, Shanghai, Slow Moving Debt Train Wreck

The Highest Probability Lane to Get Rich

Twitter How Much They Are Losing, Incentives and More

The Year is 2037 - FedNow

History Doesn't Repeat Buy it Does Leave Clues

Personal Finance Planning and Avoiding Mainstream Calculations

RE, ARB "Controversy", NFTs and a Note on AI & Macro

Annual Promo Time for April

March Update and Monthly Q&A

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Issues and Long Cycle Markets and a "Credit Crunch" Explained

ARB, NFTs/Crypto, Fed Plans and Explaining Backstop for Deposits

Arbitrum, Crypto, S&P and More

FRC (First Republic Bank) Explained for Newbies - Twas Written in the Stars

Wrapping Up the Banking Issues and Credit Suisse "Deal" Explained

Optimistic Rollups and Market Update (Long Post Read in Substack - Truncated for Email)

CDS Swaps and Credit Sus for Newbies

Please Read if Long-term Reader!

Banks Update, President Powell Expectation (Inflation) and More!

Going Live with Coindesk at 7PM EST

CBDC Update and Win A Pass to Consensus 2023 (2-day Pass $1499 Value)

Silicon Valley Bank - A Zero! No, it Wasn't a "Bailout"

Ecom Building an Audience from Zero. & News

Ordinals & The Opportunity for Stacks

Opening The Binance Blackbox: Up to You to Decide the Real Numbers

Bonus Post: Private Equity Part 2

Meme Magic and News

Random Life Lessons in No Particular Order

February Update and Monthly Q&A

Bonus Post: Private Equity and the Other Cities from Readers

RE Tracker, Bonds, BlackHat Affiliate and Significant News (Binance, Fed etc.)

Bonds for Newbies

A Long Form Post: RE, Bonds, META, Crypto and More

CPI 6.4%, Computer Coins/Projects and more

Quick Contest for Consensus 2023

Retire with Fire and Guarantee a Life of Suffering - Also Welcome Bogleheads!

2019 vs. 2023; More SEC Regulation and Layoffs Easing Up by April

Evaluating an eCom Business and News

DeGen Island Update and Format for City Guides

Investing Framework: Stocks, Coins and Even Websites

ChatGPT Potential Issues - You Are Betting *AGAINST* Google

President Powell, Texas RE Market and More

Michael Mason, 49ers, Some Affiliate Stuff and More

Jan 2023 Off to a Good Start & Q&A as Well

Porsche NFT, Private Equity Blow Ups and META/Other News

Jungle Social Media Plan and $4M+ Rev Rate Already

Inflation Data Psyop, Some NFT Items and More

Selling Your WiFi Biz and Various Updates

$4M is the New $1M and Why Retirement is a Scam

Lifestyle Inflation and High Cost of Living Explained

Computer Coin Tech Focus and Some RE Regulation Notes

The Upside Case on ChatGPT with BowTiedSystems

E-Com Trends/Ideas and Crypto Games Are Back

Going Through Levels of Wealth

Real Estate (Finale) and A Wide Range of Market Updates

Real Estate Part 3/3, Tech Cuts and More

The Quick Fixes, Simple Opinion on ChatGPT and Treasuries

2022 a Year of Pain! Q&A as Well